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Selling Your Spanish Property – Tips for a Hassle-Free Sale

Selling a property In Spain after the 2008 crash was likely to be an overwhelming task. Well, you have to note that even though the market has gone from strength to strength since 2016, selling a home quickly in Spain is not always an easy task. Sometimes, it takes several months and even years for you to connect with a buyer who is willing to pay what you want for your property. However, if you use an optimistic hands-on approach and are prepared to be proactive, you will hopefully be able to sell your property within a reasonable period. The below-listed tips can help you sell your Spanish property quickly.

Home staging

This practice has been around for many years, and it involves preparing or “staging” a home so it will look appealing to the largest number of possible potential buyers. This practice originated from the US, and many agents and professionals around Spain have already adopted it. Staging is basically the practice of removing all personal items, redecorating in a way to have mass appeal, and arranging things so the property looks tidy, welcoming, and ready to occupy.

Price it right

You should not price your property high just because the prices of properties have risen in recent months. If you make a mistake of overpricing your Spanish property expecting that you will negotiate with your buyer, then you are in for a rude shock, this will only scare away your potential buyers, so in the end, you will still have not sold your property.

Smartly advertise your property

You should be able to explore what is working in your area, with this; you will be in a position to get to the highest number of potential buyers. You should as well have it on a wide range of portals that focus more on international buyers. You can also go for Facebook, which is a good alternative you can use to advertise your home. It is advisable that you post your apartment or villa on Facebook groups that are related to selling real estate. Get someone to help you take professional looking photographs if you do not have a decent camera.

Choose the right estate agent

If you decide that you use several estate agents, you should ensure the agents have similar pricing policies, regardless of the percentage of their commission. This is because if people see the same home advertised at different prices, it might just scare away your potential customers. And if you decide to advertise your property by using a single agent, you must ensure that it is smartly advertised. Fees charged by these agents vary a lot in Spain, for instance, agents in Marbella might charge much higher than this agency in Javea, Valuvillas, which only charges 3%. Make sure you ask around to find the agencies with lower selling fees.

Always use a lawyer

If you manage to find a buyer and the two of you agree on the selling price, you must hire a lawyer to help you in carrying out the whole process of purchase. This will incur an extra expense but it is a vital step to ensure everything goes smoothly.