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A Guide to Life in Spain for Aspiring Expatriates

With the chaos of Brexit looming, this may be the best time for 20 years to consider moving to Spain but careful thought needs to be given to expat life in Spain before taking the plunge. Spain is one of the most popular choices for relocation to life in the sun

Great Spanish Traditions – The Menu Del Dia

Eating out is a major activity in Spain, and you'll find fabulous cafes and restaurants to suit all budgets. You have probably seen a set-price meal advertised in many restaurants and bars, labelled the ‘menu-del-dia’ or menu of the day. The menu of the day is a great Spanish tradition which

Is Living in Spain All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Yes, it might be your dream to move to Spain. But, when you think about it on an in-depth level, you will see there are some disadvantages. The great weather allows you to engage in outdoor activities which limits the time you can spend watching soaps on TV. As if