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Why Choose Javea As Your New Home?

Javea offers a lovely combination of classic Spanish culture that sits comfortably alongside a lively and thriving expat community. If you are looking for year-round sunshine and plenty of people who will gladly help newcomers settle, then this could well be your dream location to begin a new life in

New Rental Law in Spain

The average rental cost in Madrid for a house of around 85m2 is 1,220€, which is the highest in Spain. This is maybe not surprising as Madrid is the capital of Spain. Following closely behind id y the Balearics, with an average price of 1,170€ for a similar property. The

The Spanish Property Crash of 2008 – Why Did it Happen?

The dramatic fall in the price of Spanish property in 2008 had been predicted for years and owed little to the effects of the global recession. In simple terms, the collapse of the Spanish property market could be attributed to one simple factor exhibited by many of the players in the

The Importance of Overseas Property Buyers for the Spanish Economy

Tourism plays a key role in the Spanish economy. The Spanish culture and weather attract a large number of foreigners to the country every year, with more than 50 million foreign visitors travelling to the cities and seaside resorts, mainly from the more northern regions of Europe. Visitors to Spain do

Selling Your Spanish Property – Tips for a Hassle-Free Sale

Selling a property In Spain after the 2008 crash was likely to be an overwhelming task. Well, you have to note that even though the market has gone from strength to strength since 2016, selling a home quickly in Spain is not always an easy task. Sometimes, it takes several