Top 3 Popular Inland Cities for Expats In Spain

Top 3 Popular Inland Cities for Expats In Spain

Spain has always been the most loved country in Europe; this is because of its diverse cities, its coastlines as well as the mountainous Pyrenees.

Being an Expat, your trip might take you to Spain; you should, therefore, get to explore the three inland cities that are listed in this article before you leave Spain.


It is the capital of Spain, and it is also known because of the pristine park, the squares as well as the boulevards.

Madrid is also well equipped with an immense wealth of the European art that is hung across Madrid City. This city is the cultural hub of central Spain; it is also the financial backbone of Spain.

Madrid boasts of a sensational nightlife which includes a range of great bars nice restaurants and clubs, several events and many more. After having a long day from your busy schedule, why not take the opportunity to explore the nightlife in Madrid. Madrid has got several stunning parks where one can enjoy; this includes the well known Retiro Park and a lot of community pools which are very much loved by the locals.

Since it is an inland city, it has no beaches around; therefore, pools are the only option one can use to cool down the hot summer.


It is basically the largest city in Spain; Seville is where bullfighting on foot originated from. It is also another inland city, and it sometimes gets hot during the summer. Therefore, you will need to be aware of the temperature levels that you can cope with during summer.

However, that you should not worry you, this is because you can take a quick dip in one of the public schools’ swimming pool to reduce the heat. Seville has a lot of palm trees, and you should really try to rest under those trees when you visit the place. It is important that as you go there, you should always stay focused because you can easily lose yourself.

It has great Spanish temples, and this is where flamenco is very popular as well as the Spanish food experience can be gotten here. If you want to get a fresh new start in Spain, this is the place to settle.


You can visit the mosque in this city; the mosque is the earliest and the prettiest examples of architecture of the Spanish Islamic.

You can also visit the Cordoba synagogue; it is the only existing synagogue, however small it is, it deserves a visit since it has some good stucco decorations of the main hall.

This inland also has an attraction known as the bridge-gate which was built in the 16th century, and you should definitely stop here as well.

It also has another must-see monument which is known as the Roman gate, and this is a great place for you to take beautiful shots of you and your friends or family. From here, you can also get the best shots of the city, especially during sunset.