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Great Spanish Traditions – The Menu Del Dia

Eating out is a major activity in Spain, and you'll find fabulous cafes and restaurants to suit all budgets. You have probably seen a set-price meal advertised in many restaurants and bars, labelled the ‘menu-del-dia’ or menu of the day. The menu of the day is a great Spanish tradition which

Spanish Driving Laws and Traffic Offenses

After registering your car in Spain, the next thing to do is to understand the Spanish Driving laws. Lack of knowledge on these rules won’t be accepted when charged with traffic offenses. A good start will be to read and understand the violation and offense laws as listed in the

Selling Your Spanish Property – Tips for a Hassle-Free Sale

Selling a property In Spain after the 2008 crash was likely to be an overwhelming task. Well, you have to note that even though the market has gone from strength to strength since 2016, selling a home quickly in Spain is not always an easy task. Sometimes, it takes several

Quick Travel Guide to Amazing Madrid

Rich History and Culture Make this Spanish City an Ideal Destination for a Visit or Relocation Madrid is a well-rounded travel destination. With its renowned museums, parks, shopping, entertainment, and gastronomy, this city has something for everyone. Madrid, the capitol city of Spain, is a centrally located travel hub and a favorite

Quick Travel Guide to Segovia

Segovia has countless splendors to offer its visitors. From the 1st century Roman aqueduct to the tasty menu options, this historic destination has something for everyone. Getting There; Madrid from Segovia by Bullet Train Segovia is easily accessed by car. Alternatively, train and bus are both great options. Renfe offers an AVE bullet

Is Living in Spain All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Yes, it might be your dream to move to Spain. But, when you think about it on an in-depth level, you will see there are some disadvantages. The great weather allows you to engage in outdoor activities which limits the time you can spend watching soaps on TV. As if

Learning a Language Quickly – Tips to Learn Spanish Fast

When thinking of moving to Spain, to improve your chances of finding a job, dealing with paperwork or simply getting on with your neighbours, you will need to speak at least some Spanish. To learn Spanish, like learning any language takes time and patience, but there are ways to speed