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Is Living in Spain All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Yes, it might be your dream to move to Spain. But, when you think about it on an in-depth level, you will see there are some disadvantages. The great weather allows you to engage in outdoor activities which limits the time you can spend watching soaps on TV. As if that’s not enough, the Spanish cuisine is exceptional, and the chances are you are likely to gain weight. To make matters more even worse, now that you will be living in the most beautiful country in the world, so where can you go during vacations?

That introduction of course, was tongue in cheek, but there are some downsides to living in Spain, such as the majority of the population speak in Spanish. Communication will be a big barrier to you until you learn the language. Getting anything done in Spain always required excessive paperwork, and officials are usually not helpful. And don’t even get me started on the utility companies.

On the bright side, the advantages of moving to Spain outweigh the disadvantages.

For instance, most expats prefer the weather in Spain to that of the UK. The towns in Spain are less congested and have fewer social problems. The lifestyle is still relatively laidback, the cuisine is superb, and the cost of living is lower than that in the UK. Not to mention, the sandy beaches and exciting outdoor lifestyle is a top attraction for many Brits.

Still in Doubt? Why Don’t You Ask The One Million Britons in Spain?

Did you know that an estimate of up to 1.8 million Britons resides outside of the UK? Out of this percentage, a million of them have opted to make Spain their home. This is despite Spain being a Non-English-speaking country. The leading destination for UK expats is Australia closely followed by the US.

Another reason as to why most Brits are opting to move to Spain is the fact that Britain is a bit overcrowded. Note that Spain measures about twice the size of the UK. It has over 194,000 mi2 compared to the UK’s 93,000mi2. Moreover, the UK, despite its small size has a population of 65 million and Spain has a population of only 41 million.

The UK is a bit too overcrowded thus the need to move to a spacious country like Spain.

What about The Climate?

The temperatures in Spain have literally been a hot topic of discussion amongst would-be expats. What you need to know is that the average day temperature in Spain during summer can reach up to about 30 degrees. As you head southwards, these temperatures can rise to 35°C. However, as the colder winter months, daytime temperatures will usually range from about  8°C to 14°C.

Compared to the UK, Spain does receive less rainfall. It, however, tends to pour hard for a few hours before coming to a halt. Whereas in Britain, where rain can fall steadily for a week or two. If you enjoy cooler weather it is advisable that you buy property in the Northern provinces of Cantabria and Asturias that receive steady rainfall all year and have lower average temperatures.

It has been suggested that Alicante and Murcia have the best climates in Spain. These areas receive at least 300 days of sunshine per year. During the rainy season, it usually only pours for a few hours. During summer, these areas have an average day temperature of 26°C to 30°C, which for most is preferable to the extremely hot neighbouring Andalucia, where temperatures can reach 40°C.

The Scenery

The UK can’t compete with Spain when it comes to the scenery. The numerous resorts in Spain face beautiful sandy beaches which is unlike the view you can get from a Brighton flat. The country is full of vegetation in the mountainous areas. Spain also has its fair share of dry land. When buying property in Spain, you should be keen and observe the scenery.

It’s Full of History

Indeed, every country has a history, butt Spain has gone an extra mile in preserving their history. Cities such as Toledo feature century-old building, archaeological sites, and several monuments. By moving to Spain, you will have the opportunity to explore the rich Arab and Moorish history. Marvel at the Roman sites that are spread all over Spain. In your exploration visits, you should also visit museums. There you will find all the juicy details about the Spanish dynasty.